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Global Fund’s list of diagnostic tools eligible for procuremen

Here is a list of SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic test kits and equipment eligible for procurement according to Board Decision on Additional Support for Country Responses to COVID-19. 

Why use them?

It is simpler and provides faster results than laboratory tests (PCR tests). 

How does it work?

These tests detect viral proteins from the SARS-CoV2 virus in a swab taken from the nose and other respiratory secretions. 

How fast is it?

Results are ready in around 30 minutes. 

How accurate are they?

These tests are less sensitive than PCR tests but are ideal in situations where there is a need for rapid, inexpensive, and early detection of the most infectious COVID-19 cases.

What guidance is provided by the WHO for the use of these tests?

Rapid antigen tests are ideal for primary case detection in symptomatic individuals suspected to be infected. Health workers can also use the test to ascertain the status of asymptomatic individuals at high risk of COVID-19. It is an excellent tool for contact tracing during outbreak investigations and monitoring trends of disease incidence in communities.