Add Resources - Research & Development

Model to improve COVID-19 diagnostic data collection

FIND and PATH have been working together to support the development and implementation of digital tools for the global COVID-19 response.

With more than 400 COVID-19-based digital health tools available, countries need to determine the most appropriate ones for their needs, and how to use them. 

The Digital Square initiative within PATH’s Centre of Digital Excellence has convened a network of global collaborators to streamline a more effective approach to using these tools.

Its goal is to improve COVID-19 diagnostic data and use, which will increase the ability to share and view rapid diagnostic testing data.

To this end, FIND and PATH created a template of data fields relevant to the COVID-19 rapid diagnostic test workflow, called the ACT-A COVID-19 Antigen RDT Data Model.

Aimed at supporting low- and middle-income countries, the common data model is freely available to download.

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Add Resources - Procurement & Supply Management

COVID-19 Diagnostics Dashboards

A COVID-19 diagnostics dashboard providing information for data-driven procurement and purchasing has been developed by PATH. 

The dashboard consolidates publicly available market intelligence to ensure that decision-makers in national governments, procurement specialists, funders, and policymakers have the data they need.