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COVID-19 Response in the Philippines

The Philippines has been severely affected by COVID-19, with more than 3 million confirmed cases and around 52 700 deaths by 2022.

Lockdown measures and community quarantines were introduced in March 2022. 

The impact of the pandemic was particularly visible in the TB and HIV programs in the Philippines, with testing numbers dropping across the board. 

In 2021, COVID-19 cases surged again as the Delta variant spread.

The Global Fund supported the Philippines with US$37.7-million to fight COVID-19 in grants for the expansion of testing capacity and support to develop a case management strategy.

Further interventions focused on mitigating the impact of the pandemic on HIV, TB, and malaria programmes.

The Philippines was one of the first countries to develop a strong, comprehensive TB adaptive plan for the impact of COVID-19.

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