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Collaborations lead to apps, toolkits to collect COVID-19 RDT data

Collaboration between organizations is essential to quickly design and develop human-centred health tools to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The list below is a collection of various applications and toolkits developed in this way to capture COVID-19 related data.

  1. The COVID-19 Template App, designed by FIND and Dimagi, supports health workers as they administer and record the results of COVID-19 antigen rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs). The application features workflows for patient registration, test initiation, and result capture. 
  1. The RDToolkit: Currently Supported RDTs is a listing of the RDTs that the Rapid Diagnostics Tookit hosts.
  1. FIND and HISP India collaborated to develop a DHIS2-based package for capturing data for RDTs. The resultant COVID-19 RDT Data Capture programme metadata package is available for download.
  1. As part of the ACT-Accelerator, Argusoft added a novel digital health solution to enable RDT capture with FIND. This COVID-19 RDT Data Capture is a MEDplat extension.
  1. ODK partnered with FIND to create a ready-to-use form to help community health workers in collecting data when performing RDTs. Read more on the COVID-19 Antigen RDT form for standards-compliant data.
  1. Medic’s CHT App with COVID-19 RDT Workflows is a community health toolkit to enhance RDT workflows. It also was developed in partnership with FIND. The app is powered by the Community Health Toolkit (CHT).
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