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CHAI-FIND project to improve COVID-19 diagnostic data systems

This training report outlines a project to improve COVID-19 diagnostic data systems, first in Rwanda and later in Ecuador, by the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) project and FIND. 

The project had three main workstreams:

  • Developing an analytical system
  • Integrating COVID-19 data systems with other relevant data systems
  • Upgrading and optimizing the COVID-19 data system.

The training report is geared to improve diagnostic data systems and automate approaches that were previously manual. 

The activity aimed to train programme staff and other COVID-19 data users involved in data management in health facilities. 

For those involved in the training, management and analysis of COVID-19 data has improved. The system is capable of inter-operating with other systems, leveraging COVID-19 data more effectively, and handling large amounts of data from multiple sources. 

The Rwanda Ministry of Health, in conjunction with CHAI-FIND and the Rwanda Biomedical Centre, has released a step-by-step guide to the training.

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